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With Covid-19 the US Nursing Crisis is Getting Worse

Although Covid-19 is no longer extensively used in the United States, hospitals in the United States are still dealing with a personnel shortage that is jeopardising patient care. Hospitals around the country, particularly those in rural areas, are struggling. A recent survey of rural hospitals conducted by the Chartis Group, which was handed to Vox ahead of publication, illustrates the scope of the problem. Nearly all rural hospitals surveyed claimed they were experiencing a staffing shortfall, with 96 percent saying nurses were the most hardest to come by.

Staffing issues stopped nearly half of the hospitals in the survey from receiving new patients in the previous 60 days. According to Michael Topchik, national leader of the Chartis Center for Rural Health, one out of every four hospitals has had to cease certain services due to a shortage of nurses, including baby delivery, chemotherapy, and colonoscopies. Another one-fifth stated they were thinking about it. Surges in Covid-19 have gotten a lot better in hospitals.

They now have additional tools at their disposal, including as antiviral medicines and monoclonal antibodies, and a greater understanding of which treatments are most helpful in keeping the disease from worsening. While Houston Methodist Hospital’s chief innovation officer, Roberta Schwartz, said her hospital had to immediately shut down services during the first pandemic wave, they were able to absorb more than 700 Covid-19 patients during the most recent summer wave without jeopardising their other operations.

The staffing dilemma isn’t going away as flu season approaches and cold weather threatens another Covid-19 increase, two tendencies that would cause hospital beds to fill up again. The average cost of labour expenses for each discharged patient has increased by 14% in 2021, according to a September research commissioned by the American Hospital Association.

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