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WHO Warns of Tsunami of Omicron and Delta Cases as US Officials Stress Milder Symptoms of Omicron

On Wednesday WHO issued a warning stating that there may be a “Tsunami” of Omicron and Delta Cases which could overwhelm health care systems as top health officials of US stressed that causes milder effect. According to the data published, the global average of new cases crossed 930,000 on Tuesday. Until April the cases were 827,000.

WHO warned that Delta and Omicron, the twin variants could overwhelm the health systems and lead to spikes in hospitalization and deaths. But, the US top health officials said that although the cases of the Omicron affected people are rising, it has milder illness than the previous variants. In a White House news conference, the Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Board Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky said that 58.6% of cases have been affected with the Omicron variant of all the infections in US.

She said, given the diversity of vaccinations and non-vaccinated population, the cases will see a dramatic surge probably by end of January. Officials said that it is the most transmissible variant but produces milder symptoms than the other variants.

The data is provided upto 25 December the ending week of 2021. The Omicron variant which was first found in South Africa has become the dominant variant in just few weeks across the world and is responsible for the sudden spike in covid-19 cases.

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