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US to Secure 10 Million Courses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 Pill

The US government will pay $5.29 billion for the 10 million courses of Covid-19 pill manufactured by Pfizer. The country is rushing to bring safe and promising oral treatments for preventing. The government has also joined hands with Merck & Co Inc. Merck & Co Inc will supply around treatment courses under the contract.

Pfizer sought emergency approval for Paxlovid, the Covid-19 drug. The trial’s data of the drug showed that it is 89% effective and can reduce hospitalizations and deaths. Merck’s drug molnupiravir has also shown that it reduces hospitalizations and deaths and can protect those facing high risk of serious illness.

The drug is yet to be full reviewed by the FDA but the Biden administration says it is taking advanced steps to secure the American people. According to CDC data, seven day average cases were at 80,823 as of November 14 from 63,852 in October. This rise led to 26.6% increase in the cases.

The WHO has warned US about the rising cases in Europe. Europe is the largest region in the world that has seen increasing number of cases and deaths. US has also recorded rising cases of Covid-19 in children past few months. According to a report released by American Academy of Pediatrics, the over 122,000 cases affected from Covid-19 in children have been recorded. Through these courses the Biden administration aims to stop the spread of Covid-19 and the deadly delta variant that is spreading and infecting rapidly in United States.

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