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US Supreme Court to Schedule Hearings on Biden Administration’s Vaccine Mandate

The Supreme Court announced that it will hold a special Hearings to validate the initiatives taken by the Biden administration to mandate the employees for taking the covid-19 vaccine. The Supreme Court said that the two initiatives taken by the Biden Administration that is vaccine-or-testing mandate and vaccination mandate will be assessed.

The Biden Administration initiatives are aimed at large number of employers that have more than 100 employees and vaccination mandate for certain healthcare workers. The court Hearings will start from Friday, Jan. 7, 2022. The mandates are directed at businesses having more than 100 employees.More than 84 million are employee working at organization having over 100 workers.

The decision of the Supreme Court is extremely crucial to administration as it is taking extensive efforts to combat the pandemic. According to the data analysis done by the administration, the vaccination mandate will result into 22 million people getting vaccinated and will prevent 250,000 people from getting hospitalized.The second measure taken tries to address the challenges at healthcare facilities. The mandate requires health care workers at hospitals receiving government funding to get vaccinated.

In the emergency application wrote by the administration, the vaccination can save thousands of lives every month.The Supreme Court has supported the vaccine mandates in a variety of settings. The Supreme Court has sought responses to the emergency applications wrote by the Biden administration.  Now the justices have scheduled Hearings on the vaccine mandates by the administration which will start from Jan. 7, 2022.

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