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US state governors informed about lowering covid-19 hospitalizations but warn people of effects of not getting vaccinated

Some governors across various states informed that the number of covid-19 hospitalizations is decreasing as people are getting vaccinated but also have warned about the possible implications of not getting the shots.

According to the information revealed by Gov. Andy Beshear, the Covid-19 hospitalizations and ICU utilization have decreased for past few days. He said that this decline is seen due to increased vaccinations and people following mask guidelines. At the same time he warned that Covid-19 hospitalization and ICU numbers in many states is still high.

Many other governors also revealed the same situation of other states. They warned the people of the possible increase in covid-19 cases in winter. The data revealed by Johns Hopkins University states that still the death rate and the infection rate is higher.According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Board, the governors stated that across the US, the death rate is projected to stabilize in next few weeks. Recent forecasts given by CDC also state that the hospitalizations will also decrease in next few weeks.

The US which was grappled by surge in covid-19 cases due to delta variant now hopes to see positive situation in the coming days. The CDC data shows that 55.5% is fully vaccinated. But health experts say that even some proportion of vaccinated people may get infected by the virus hence unclear how much vaccination may be need for the population.

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