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US Covid-19 Cases have Reduced

According to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Covid-19 community transmission remained high in 89.2 percent of American counties. Despite this, the last wave, fueled by the extraordinarily contagious and entirely dominant Delta strain, appears to have peaked, with new cases, hospitalizations, and virus-related deaths declining from two weeks ago. According to the New York Times data dated Oct. 12, patients and hospitalizations have reduced by around 20%, while virus-related deaths have decreased by 4%.

States hardest afflicted by the Delta variety, particularly those in the South with lower vaccination rates, continued to experience considerable drops in new cases. Alabama led the way with a 61.9 percent drop from two weeks ago. New coronavirus cases decreased by more than 40% in Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, and South Dakota. In 11 states, new cases are on the rise, with Minnesota leading the way with a 35.2 percent increase in the average number of cases recorded per day compared to two weeks ago.

In the same period, new case reports in Colorado and Michigan increased by more than 20%. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a significant fraction of new infections continue to be pediatric cases—148,222, or 24.8 percent of those reported in the week ending Oct. 7. However, only a tiny percentage of those youngsters have had severe instances; they account for 1.4 to 4.2 percent of Covid-19 hospitalizations in the 24 states that publish such data.

Meanwhile, people seeking a booster dose now outnumber those seeking their first Covid-19 immunization in the country’s ongoing vaccine program. That isn’t due to a lack of unvaccinated people—23.4 percent of the eligible population is still unvaccinated—but instead to a lack of vaccination uptake among them, despite the fact that many businesses have begun to require it.

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