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Three Doses of the Covid-19 Vaccine Might be Needed

With the latest Covid-19 outbreak causing yet another upheaval in American life, an official launch of booster dosages could begin within weeks, pending FDA approval. And, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, three doses of the vaccine are likely to be required for full protection. He mentioned two Israeli studies that found that those who received a third or booster dose had fewer illnesses. There was reason to assume that a third dose would be durable, and if it was, a three-dose regimen would most likely become the standard.

The US Food and Drug Administration will ultimately decide whether Americans should receive three doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, according to Fauci. After Moderna and Pfizer both requested for FDA approval for a third treatment either six months or eight months after receiving the second dose, the agency will review the subject later this month.

According to US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, the suggestion for booster doses will likely result in availability for a large section of the population, and dosages might begin rolling out as early as the week of September 20.Murthy said, “Right now, we don’t have that indicator, which is why we’re recommending that not only people get vaccinated across the board — regardless of whether they were infected in the past or not — but also when it comes to getting these extra doses to sustain and extend your protection, that we do that broadly.”

The FDA approved emergency use authorisation for more doses this month for patients who are immunocompromised. Despite the fact that the doses are not yet available to the general public, the National Association of County and City Health Departments reports a recent uptick in inquiries from people wishing to schedule appointments.

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