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The United States Covid-19 Cases Dip From the Latest Peak

Covid-19 case counts in the United States are beginning to decline from recent highs, but they remain high as the country enters the fall season and cooler temperatures. According to data published by Johns Hopkins University, the seven-day average of daily Covid cases is around 144,300 as of Sept. 12. This statistic is down 14% in the last week and 14% from the most recent high point in case counts on Sept. 1, when the country reported an average of 167,600 cases per day.

Dr. Arturo Casadevall, chair of molecular microbiology and immunology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, remarked, “This is wonderful news.” It could indicate that we have reached a pinnacle and are now on our way down. Since the pandemic began, the number of daily Covid cases in the United States has fluctuated. In April 2020, the average daily cases peaked at around 32,000 before declining.

They then exploded, reaching a high of 67,000 by July 2020. After Labor Day 2020, the number of new cases decreased until soaring to a record high of 251,000 cases per day in January. After the holidays, there was a sharp drop-off, followed by a spike to almost 71,000 cases per day in April. Every epidemic goes through cycles and eventually fades, which occurs when there are enough resistant people.

The combination of immunizations and a large number of diseases this summer, according to Casadevall, maybe helping the country turn a turnaround. He did warn, though, that the infection is unpredictable. Covid’s hospitalization and death statistics also show some hopeful indicators. Because it takes time for people to become infected with the virus and then become unwell enough to require urgent care, data tends to lag case counts by a few weeks or more.

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