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The Pandemic Timeline of 2022 by Fauci is a Political Disaster

President Joe Biden recently received some terrible news: the Pandemic he was elected to solve could linger well into a midterm election year, wreaking havoc on politics and the economy. Moreover, the government’s top infectious diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, warned that the epidemic would not be under control until spring of next year. Even then, most American vaccination skeptics would have to rethink their opinions — it came as a rude awakening to a tired nation.

It also put Biden’s best-laid plans of overcoming the Pandemic and riding an economic tsunami into the congressional election campaign in November next year in jeopardy. A Pandemic that lasts through another bleak winter and beyond might stifle the economic recovery on which Biden is counting on a strong showing next year. Moreover, it can demoralize the population and create a gloomy atmosphere that always signals trouble for incumbents.

According to recent NBC and CBS polls, the President’s approval ratings and public confidence in handling the Pandemic have been ebbing. Thus, Biden’s partial claim of triumph against the virus on July 4th, like past US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxations of mask recommendations, appears to be far too early.

Thanks to Biden’s encouragement, most Americans had already expected that kind of normalcy to be restored and may not be in the mood to endure months more of suffering. Unfortunately, the surge of Covid-19 cases has affected the country and has already changed what was supposed to be a summer of virus-free living. It has turned into a rerun of some of the Pandemic worst moments, as hospitals across the South are flooded with Covid patients.

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