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Spike in Covid-19 Hospitalizations in Utah

The number of COVID-19 patients in Utah hospitals increased to its highest level in months on Tuesday, as the state continues to see a minor increase in cases of the condition. According to the Utah Department of Health, 225 COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalized in Utah, with 79 intensive care units. According to state records, this is the most significant number of presently hospitalized cases  since 231 hospitalizations were reported on February 25.

According to the health department, the 79 patients in intensive care are the highest since the exact number was reported on March 5. On Tuesday, the number of COVID-19 cases in grew by 361, with three additional deaths and 4,519 vaccines reported. According to the health department, the rolling seven-day average number of positive points per day is 364. The positive test rate per day determined using the “people over people” technique for that period is now 9.7%.

The positive test rate per day calculated using the “test over test” method for that period is currently 6.4 percent. On Tuesday, around 73 percent of ICU beds in hospitals were occupied, with 76 percent of ICU beds in the state’s 16 referral hospitals occupied. This is greater than the state’s ICU utilization “warning” level of 72 percent, indicating that ICUs are overcrowded. In addition, in Utah hospitals, about 52% of non-ICU beds are now occupied.

The increase in hospitalizations coincides with an increase in COVID-19 infections in Utah, primarily among the unvaccinated. In addition, though the bulk of recent new cases have been among those who have not received the vaccine, a few “breakthrough” cases have been discovered in Utah residents who have been completely vaccinated.According to the Utah Department of Health, the seven-day COVID-19 case rate for unvaccinated Utah was 125.8 per 100,000 people on Tuesday. According to state data, the rate for fully vaccinated people is 15.7 percent, while the rate for all Utah is 79.5 percent.

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