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Quarantine Requirements to be lifted for Fully Vaccinated Americans, Says Canada

According to a statement made by government authorities yesterday, Canada will soon reduce its strict quarantine regulations for any fully vaccinated United States residents who cross the country’s northern border during approved travel. According to the judgment handed down on Monday, mandatory 14-day quarantines for all migrants who cross the wall, which has been in force for the previous 15 months, will now be a thing of the past.

Dominic LeBlanc, the Canadian Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs, stated, “This is the first phase of our precautionary approach to easing Canada border measures. At this time, we are not opening up our borders any further. The government of  continues to work globally through the World Health Organization as well as closely with the provinces, territories, Indigenous partners and American authorities on moving forward toward reopening in a way that is safe for both countries.”

Although the US has had an extremely rapid vaccine rollout and that the partial vaccination rate in many northern-tier states exceeds 70% — very similar to that of Canada, where the inoculation program was much slower — nonessential travel to the US’ massive northern neighbor is still prohibited.

Despite the US reaching the vaccine saturation point that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had previously held out as a milestone for the resumption of border opening, Canadian Public Safety Minister Bill Blair announced last Friday that the ban on nonessential travel for Americans would be extended for at least another month.

At this time, 75% of Canadian adults have received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine, with 20% having received all three doses. Although the closed border means that another summer has begun with a secure border between the two countries, the new judgment does benefit certain families who live on both sides of the border.

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