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President Joe Biden to Announce Vaccination Requirement

According to a source with intimate knowledge of the situation, President Joe Biden will announce on Thursday that all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated against Covid-19 or face regular testing and mitigating requirements. Biden is set to make the revelation during remarks in which he will also lay out a series of new actions, including incentives, to encourage new vaccinations as the Delta variety spreads fast across the country.

It will also follow the Department of Veterans Affairs’ plan to demand vaccinations for frontline health care employees over the following two months. Biden referred to Tuesday’s expected announcement. While the details are still being worked out, government employees will be expected to attest to their vaccination status or submit to periodical testing, according to the source. According to the source, the concept will be identical to what is now being implemented in New York City.

As organisations try to vaccinate their personnel, more criteria for the unvaccinated may be implemented. Despite his authority, President Joe Biden will not enforce the rule on the US military for the time being. According to the source, he is expected to detail how the Department of Defense plans to tackle the matter in the future.

When asked if he thinks the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new amended mask guideline will cause confusion among Americans, he said yes. Unvaccinated Americans, according to Biden, are to blame, arguing that if they had been vaccinated, the world would be a very different place. The administration’s decision to require vaccines for VA health workers sent a strong message that vaccine regulations may be required to persuade those who are still unwilling to get their injections.

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