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President Biden to Send Millions of Covid-19 Vaccines to Latin America

As part of President Joe Biden’s pledge to play a significant role in eradicating the pandemic worldwide, the Biden administration is sending millions of Covid-19 vaccinations to countries in Latin America this week. According to the White House, one million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine will be delivered to Bolivia on Thursday. In addition, one million doses of Pfizer’s Pfizer vaccine will be given to Paraguay on Friday, and 1.5 million doses of the Moderna vaccine will be delivered to Guatemala on Wednesday.

The action is part of President Trump’s effort to reassert US leadership on the global stage and make America a “vaccine arsenal” in the fight against Covid-19. The vaccines will be sent to Latin America to fight Russian and Chinese ambitions to spread their influence in the area and worldwide by using state-funded vaccines, in addition to the 80 million vaccines already allotted.

White House Covid-19 response director Jeff Zients stated last week that the Biden administration would be providing tens of millions of US Covid-19 vaccines to countries across the world this summer. In addition, the White House has indicated that it has been monitoring and is concerned about Russian and Chinese efforts to achieve a geopolitical advantage through vaccinations.

Many nations, notably those in Latin America, which have traditionally been influenced by the United States, have started purchasing vast quantities of Russian and Chinese vaccines to fill gaps in their vaccine rollouts. According to the White House, at least 75 percent of the 80 million vaccines will be shared via the Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access, or COVAX, a global immunization program, and 25 percent would be sent directly to countries in need. According to the White House, scientific teams and legal and regulatory officials from all of the nations involved have been collaborating to guarantee that the vaccines are delivered on time.

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