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Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines Effective against Lambda Variant

The Lambda Variant has caused some concern among scientists that it contains a mutation that evades vaccines more easily. This is a common worry when a new variant emerges. The latest study from the New York University Grossman School of Medicine shows Moderna and Pfizer’s vaccinations are effective against serious illness and catching the strain.The authors wrote the results suggest that the vaccines in current use will remain protected against the Lambda Variant and that monoclonal antibody therapy will remain effective. The findings highlight the importance of widespread adoption of vaccination which will protect individuals from disease, decrease virus spread and slow the emergence of novel variants.

Also known as C.37, the Lambda strain was first detected in Peru last year before quickly spreading to 30 countries, including Britain. Of particular concern to virologists is the L452Q spike protein because of its potential to infect human cells like the L452R mutation in the highly infectious Delta variant. Peruvian scientists noticed the variant in December when it accounted for just one in every 200 samples. Eight cases have been reported in the UK all of which were linked to overseas travel.

It has spread to Chile, making up 32% of cases in the last 60 days, and Argentina and Ecuador have both reported more prevalence. According to John Hopkins University data, it is the country with the world’s highest death rate per capita. The Lambda Variant has been circulating there since August and is now the dominant variant.

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