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Nursing Home Veterans Received Bonuses for Covid-19

According to statistics, eight of the nine senior managers at New Jersey’s state-run Veterans care institutions who made too much to qualify for Covid-19-related hazard compensation nevertheless received it. According to the records, the state Veterans affairs agency stole federal Covid-19-relief monies to a greater extent than it previously admitted.

According to agency communications seen by the Journal, nursing-home management obtained the payments despite being repeatedly advised they were ineligible. The federal stimulus money was intended for lower-level state personnel who worked in hazardous situations dealing directly with Covid-19 patients. However, not for administrators carrying out their routine duties during the pandemic or those with salaries above a particular threshold.

The Menlo Park Veterans Memorial Home, one of the agency’s institutions, became one of the worst places for Covid-19 in the country, according to an October piece in a Journal series last year that analyzed catastrophic blunders at U.S. nursing homes during the pandemic.According to the Journal’s investigation, managers there, including three of the senior officials who got the illegal payments, discouraged personnel from wearing masks and delayed admitting the virus’s spread in the facility where more than 100 people died due to Covid-19.

The agency said it initiated its probe after the Journal reported on the payments to two high-earning managers in March. According to two state officials, the state has since recovered criminal charges paid to some of the agency’s top executives and is planning to restructure aspects of the agency’s operations as soon as next month.

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