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North America Reopens with Economies Recovering Post-Pandemic

Economies across North America are reopening as the latest wave of the COVID-19 epidemic subsides, and vaccination rates rise. Retail sales in the United States have already surpassed previous highs, as shoppers go to malls and car lots in droves. Canada is following behind, but there are plans to reopen the country entirely in the coming months.

In anticipation of the reopening boom, stock markets have surged to new highs. Nonetheless, some market analysts believe that stocks have space to run. We asked some experts for their thoughts on using exchange-traded funds to profit from the post-lockdown boom. Mr. Rosenbluth believes that as North America becomes more open, people will return to dining out, attending live events, and traveling.

To profit from this trend, he suggests the Invesco Dynamic Leisure and Entertainment ETF (PEJ-A), which has a 0.63 percent management expense ratio (MER) and has returned 33% year-to-date and 66 percent over the past year. The Walt Disney Co., Eventbrite Inc., McDonald’s Corp., and Expedia Group Inc. are among the consumer-related companies included in the ETF.

In the United States, leisure air travel has begun to return, and corporate travel is likely to recover as well — though not quite to pre-pandemic levels. Mr. Rosenbluth suggests the 0.60 percent MER U.S. Global JETS ETF (JETS-A) as a strategy to profit from the recovery. The fund, which has gained 18 percent this year and 38 percent in the last 52 weeks, owns Southwest Airlines Co, United Airlines Holdings Inc., American Airlines Group Inc., Air Canada, and airplane makers like General Dynamics Corp.

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