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No Lockdown in the US like Europe to Fight Covid says Biden

According to White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients, the Biden administration has no intentions to implement a statewide Lockdown to stop future Covid-19 outbreaks. Amid a Covid outbreak that has swept Europe in recent weeks, Zients’ comments come as Austria enters its fourth statewide Lockdown and the Netherlands implements a partial Lockdown. In the event of another severe Covid wave, Zients said the federal government would rely on vaccines and medicinal treatments rather than shutting down the country.

“We can curb the spread of the virus without having to in any way shut down our economy,” Zients said. “We have 82% of people now with one shot and more and more people getting vaccinated each week.” To prevent the United States from “sliding backwards in any way, shape, or form,” Zients advocated for the ongoing use of vaccines, booster doses, and monoclonal antibodies. More than 60 million Americans eligible for the Covid vaccine have yet to receive it, and health officials are urging those eligible for boosters to register for their extra doses as the holidays approach.

According to a CNBC analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University, Covid cases in the United States plateaued between 70,000 and 75,000 per day for almost three weeks starting in late October. Still, they’ve since risen to a seven-day average of nearly 92,400 per day as of Sunday, up 16 percent from the week before.

However, in its most recent weekly epidemiological update, the World Health Organization said that Europe had more than 2.1 million new cases during the week of Nov. 14, accounting for 64 percent of all cases globally during that period. In addition, according to figures collated by Hopkins, Austria had a seven-day average of over 14,000 daily cases as of Sunday, up 28 percent from a week before.

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