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New York Roadway Congestion Back to Pre-Pandemic Days

New York has returned, and with it, the traffic. Residents in NY City are progressively returning to their everyday lives after practically all coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions were lifted. That involves commuting to and from work, visiting friends and family in different boroughs, and attending exciting events all across the city.

According to MTA data, traffic volumes at the city’s crossings have rebounded to near pre-pandemic levels due to the recent spike in activity. According to data, the MTA’s crossings handled 4,737,064 vehicles from Monday, June 21 to Friday, June 25, an average of 947,413 per day. However, these traffic volumes were just 6.1 percent lower than the exact dates in 2019, before the coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, ridership of the city’s buses and subways is slowly improving. However, it’s still much below pre-pandemic levels, as many continue to avoid taking public transportation owing to the risk of spreading or getting the coronavirus. According to MTA figures, MTA buses carried a total of 6,075,482 passengers during the week of June 21, an average of 1,213,096 per day. The number of bus riders was 42.4 percent lower than in the same period last year.

According to the data, subway usage is still well under pre-pandemic levels, with the system handling 12,324,672 straphangers last week, an average of 2,464,934 per day, or 55.8% less than the same week in 2019.While New York subway ridership is still low compared to pre-pandemic levels, daily ridership has increased in recent weeks. According to data, the subway system handled 2,585,965 people on Friday, June 25, the most since the coronavirus outbreak began. In addition, the subway system set a new pandemic-era ridership record for the second week in a row, with 2,576,459 users on Friday, June 18.

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