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New Brunswick Bordering Maine Might be Entering Lockdown with Covid-19 Increase

COVID-19 appears to have made landfall in New Brunswick after a long period of success in stopping its rapid spread. In response to a rapid rise in cases in the Canadian province over the previous month, the New Brunswick government declared that beginning Friday, people in certain health zones of the province — including two along the Maine border — must limit their private contact to their own households for two weeks. Families living together, as well as caretakers and other people living outside the household who require assistance, may be included in those households.

Although the Canadian Border Services Agency still allows fully vaccinated Americans to cross the border, travel outside of the provincial border health zones, termed “circuit breaker regions,” is restricted. The Madawaska-Edmundston border health zone, as well as border towns north of the Bridgewater-Centreville crossings, are included. The limitations will have an impact on the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, which falls three days after they go into force.

The government has recommended all inhabitants of New Brunswick to hold their celebrations within their own families. Restaurants and movie theatres will stay open, but individuals will need to show proof of vaccination to enter. As of Wednesday, there were 775 active cases in, with 71 cases reported that day. The province has experienced a significant surge in cases over the past month, after having some of the lowest case counts in North America.

On Wednesday, the government confirmed another fatality from the illness, this time a person in their 90s who died in the Moncton area. Despite the significant number of cases over the previous month, the number of active cases in New Brunswick remains much lower than in neighbouring Maine, which had more than 6,000 active cases as of Wednesday. In New Brunswick, 71 percent of the population is fully immunised, compared to 69 percent in Maine.

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