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Netflix Says Vaccination Needed for Actors and Other Members

Netflix has become the first major Hollywood studio to require immunizations for all of its U.S. cast members and those who come into contact with them on site. According to my sources, the streamer has just informed its production teams and partners that everyone working in “Zone A,” which includes the performers and others who work in close proximity to them, will be required to get vaccines.

Producers can choose to impose mandatory vaccination policies for cast and crew in Zone A on a production-by-production basis under the new return-to-work procedures agreed upon by Hollywood unions and major studios last week. The required vaccination policy has been embraced by several productions, such as the Starz/UCP series Gaslit. In the United States, Netflix is making it mandatory.

Sean Penn says he won’t return to the Watergate drama “Gaslit” unless the whole cast and crew receives mandatory Covid vaccinations. I’ve heard the streamer wants to keep exceptions to a minimum, limiting them to medical, religious, or age-related reasons, and potentially a few cases for already-produced programmes and films.Netflix decision comes amid a fourth Covid outbreak in the United States, spurred by the extremely contagious Delta variety, which has reintroduced the issue of Covid safety on set. While vaccination is not a panacea — there have been cases of breakthrough infections in completely vaccinated people — it is seen as a critical protection in addition to existing safety practises such as regular testing, personal protective equipment, and social isolation.

Under the current return-to-work rules, the vaccine mandate is the most stringent action Netflix may impose. There have been calls to extend the necessity for vaccinations beyond Zone A. Last week, Deadline reported that actor and campaigner Sean Penn will not return to work on Gaslit until the entire crew has been inoculated against the virus.

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