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Memorial Day Weekend Should not be Celebrated Largely, say experts

Though pictures of family gatherings and packed beaches have returned for Memorial Day Weekend, a clinical psychologist told CNN that many people may still struggle with emotional effects from the Covid-19 outbreak. Dr. Jeff Gardere said, “Whether it’s someone they know that has Covid or someone that they know that died, or friends who talked about it or just seeing it in the media, all of those things caused everyone some sort of trauma. Covid has really changed our lives.”

According to the TSA, approximately 2 million passengers went through airports at the start of this holiday weekend, a new high for the outbreak. Summer revelers flocked to beaches like Miami Beach and Santa Monica this weekend, with 50% of Americans having got at least one dosage of the vaccine. Making the transition to a more normal existence after going from the disturbance of isolation and masking to the enormous effort of mass vaccination may not be easy for everyone, according to Gardere.

Instead of avoiding anxiety, Gardere recommends confronting it with healthy coping techniques such as meditation, breathing, peer support, and psychotherapy. This year’s Memorial Day beach crowds aren’t as concerning to health experts as last year’s. The high vaccination rate has resulted in a decrease in cases among those who have been vaccinated. The risk of mass gatherings remains significant for people who have not been immunized.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber voiced concern about the surge of tourists for Memorial Day Weekend. One of the issues, according to Gelber, is that they are one of the few locations open, but they are also a beautiful location. He said there are too many people coming. Over the long weekend, the mayor stated that there would be a massive increase in police officers on patrol.

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