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Mask Requirement Back to Derail Canada’s Welcome Back America Plan

Nevada will reintroduce an indoor Mask requirement, as well as investigate vaccination requirements for university students and anyone who work with vulnerable populations. Governor Steve Sisolak indicated Thursday at a press conference that the restoration of the face covering requirement will ideally prevent further restrictions, such as capacity limitations and closures, from being reinstated.

He said, “The last thing I wanted to do was require Nevadans to put their Mask back on,” especially those who “did the right thing” and got vaccinated.” When Nevada’s statewide Mask law was repealed in May, the Delta strain accounted for fewer than 1% of cases; now, it accounts for more than 90% of illnesses, according to the Democratic governor.

Mask laws went into force in 12 of Nevada’s 17 counties late last month, including Las Vegas and its environs. Sisolak said he has urged state health officials to review vaccination requirements for all students enrolled in in-person programmes at public colleges and institutions in the Nevada System of Higher Education. The state has issued regulations and “strong recommendations” for K-12 schools regarding Mask, testing, and other mitigating methods.

The governor also said he has requested the state’s medical advisory team to look at a vaccination recommendation for people who interact with vulnerable people, such as healthcare workers, people who work with the homeless, or people who work in psychiatric facilities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Nevada has recorded about 7,400 coronavirus infections in the last week, putting it in the top half of state caseloads.Nevada has recorded roughly 34 new cases per 100,000 persons per day over the past week, the 12th highest incidence in the US when adjusted for population. The state has fully vaccinated 44.8 percent of its people, ranking 33rd in the US and 5 percentage points below the national average.

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