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Maryland Health Officials Launches Vaccination for Kids

Maryland Health Officials planned to start a campaign to encourage parents and guardians to get kids their immunization vaccines before school starts.Gov. Larry Hogan’s office said that in April 2020 they noticed a 46% decline in vaccinations for children between birth and age 18 over the previous year’s numbers.That included a 71% drop in the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and 68% for the chickenpox vaccine.Dr Jinlene Chan, Deputy Secretary for public health said that they are working with paediatricians and other health care providers to prioritize well-child visits, and our local health departments are standing up vaccination clinics to help safely welcome children back to school.

Maryland Health Officials spread the wordings Don’t Wait, Vaccinate campaign includes TV ads and digital media, in English and Spanish, reminding parents of the importance of vaccines. Parents can see their kids’ vaccination records online and can check out Maryland’s back-to-school immunization requirements as well.

Dr Jocelyn Hines, president of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians, said that the Covid 19 did not make other vaccine-preventable illnesses go away. All vaccines are extensively tested for safety and efficacy before being approved or authorized for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Maryland Health officials requested the parents to get their children vaccinated before school begins.

COVID-19 cases continued to rise on Sunday in Maryland with 547 new cases reported by the state’s health department. It’s the fourth day in a row the state reported over 500 new cases. Hospitalizations also went up by 25, bringing the total number of current hospitalizations to 256, with 184 in acute care and 72 in the ICU. Maryland’s positivity rate has now reached 3.03%, an increase of 0.16% in the last 24 hours.

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