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Los Angeles might Require Masks Indoors with the Alarming Rise of Cases

Los Angeles County and the rest of California celebrated a long-awaited reopening just a month ago, signaling enormous victory in the fight against COVID-19 by removing practically all prohibitions on shops and other public venues. But, unfortunately, the coronavirus has resurfaced, and the nation’s most populous county is battling the pandemic’s next assault.

Residents will be obliged to wear masks in indoor public locations starting Saturday night, regardless of their vaccination status. The latest order not only puts the county at odds with both the California Department of Public Health and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Both maintain that vaccinated people do not need to cover their faces indoors. Still, it also puts officials in the precarious position of asking the inoculated to forego one of the recently enjoyed benefits.

People who have been vaccinated are being asked to make a sacrifice in order to assist reduce the spread of the coronavirus among the unvaccinated. However, officials have emphasized that those who have been immunized have a good chance of being protected, even against the more easily disseminated Delta variation, which is thought to be twice as transmissible as the more common strain.

Between December 7 and June 7, the unvaccinated accounted for 99.6% of coronavirus cases, 98.7% of COVID-19 hospitalizations, and 99.8% of deaths in Los Angeles County. The new order will take effect at 11:59 p.m. Saturday, a little more than two weeks after the county advised the same practices as a precaution. Davis said it would be identical to the masking rules in place before the June 15 reopening. The law will allow people to dine and drink in restaurants indoors, but they must keep their masks on while not eating or drinking.

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