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Hugh McTavish Released new COVID Lockdown Insanity Book

COVID Sanity ( and West Fork Press have announced the release of COVID Lockdown Insanity, a book written by Hugh McTavish, a Ph.D. immunologist and COVID Sanity’s Executive Director, as well as an attorney. Dr. McTavish examines the data, relying almost entirely on government statistics and peer-reviewed science, to determine how dangerous COVID is, how the infection fatality rate varies by age, and how it compares to influenza, whether any of the interventions—masks, hand washing, and school closures.

He examines some of the conspiracy ideas surrounding the lockdowns, as well as the facts supporting and refuting them. Dr. McTavish also nominates himself for the most blundering and pompous comment ever uttered. The book provides an interesting comparison of the harms inflicted by the lockdowns in terms of lost time of life to the damages caused by the Vietnam War.

It is often regarded as the most disastrous public policy decision in modern history, at least until the lockdowns. However, if you believe the COVID lockdown was wise, necessary, or valuable, you will no longer be able to hold that belief after reading this COVID Lockdown Insanity. COVID Sanity is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide policymakers and the general public with scientific and factual information on the benefits and harms of current and potential policy responses and individual responses to COVID-19.

The book also educates the general public with scientifically accurate information on individual COVID-19 risk to make informed decisions about their risk. COVID Sanity’s founder and Executive Director is Hugh McTavish, Ph.D., J.D. He is a patent attorney and a Ph.D. biochemist and immunologist. He has also published 18 peer-reviewed scientific journal publications and holds 21 U.S. patents.

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