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Hawaii detected the first case of Covid-19 Delta Variant

The latest COVID variant was discovered in Hawaii on Monday, according to health experts. According to the DOH, the SARS-CoV-2 variation B.1.617.2 — commonly known as the Delta variant — was detected in an Oahu individual during routine genome sequencing surveillance. Officials say the person was vaccinated entirely against COVID-19 before traveling to Nevada in early May, around the time the variant was detected in that state.

According to the Department of Health, the person began having moderate symptoms after returning to Hawaii with a negative COVID test and later tested positive. Quarantine was imposed on that person and their close associates. According to officials, there are no indicators of domestic transmission, and no secondary cases have been documented.

According to health officials, the Delta form, which was initially detected in India, currently accounts for around 6% of all cases in the United States. The CDC is concerned about the variant, and the Department of Health collaborates with other states to learn more about it. State Laboratories Division Administrator Edward Desmond said, “Early evidence suggests the Delta variant might spread more quickly than other SARS-CoV-2 strains. There are reports the Delta variant produces a higher rate of severe illness than original COVID-19, but we do not yet have enough evidence to support that conclusion.”

Even though immunizations aren’t 100 percent effective in preventing transmission, experts urge people to get their shots. The routine genome sequencing surveillance by state facilities is continuing. Dr. Elizabeth Char, State Health Director, said, “The vaccines not only help protect against infection, they protect against severe illness. While this is one of those very rare breakthrough cases in which the vaccine did not prevent infection, the infected person did not suffer severe illness.”

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