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Florida Takes Legal Action for Mandating Employees For Vaccination

Florida government revealed that it lodged a complaint against Biden administration for Mandating the federal contractors for taking covid-19 vaccine shots. The lawsuit alleges that the federal administration does not have any right to the contractors for getting the vaccines.

It alleged that the Mandating violates the procurement law. Moreover, the lawsuit claimed that such is intrusive to personal autonomy of the American workers. It claimed that many of the contractors are from sovereign state. Thus the Florida government has taken legal action against the Biden administration.

DeSantis stated that he will pass legislation to fight against vaccination Mandating enacted by private businesses. DeSantis who is about for the 2024 presidential run has been consistently blaming the government for vaccines and other actions taken by the Biden administration. DeSantis filed the case against the Biden administration in Tampa’s U.S. District Court. In the defendents list DeSantis has named the contracting officials of White House, Bill Nelson the administrator of NASA, and Biden administration.

The Biden administration has Mandating the federal contractors and private employers with over 100 employees for vaccination or getting the employees tested every week. The healthcare facility workers are also Mandating to get vaccinated. Biden administration has consistently defending its decision has argued that getting the people especially the healthcare workers, employees vaccinated will help stop the spread of the virus. It states that, to protect from deadly variants of covid-19 it is necessary to get vaccinated.

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