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FDA Authorizes First Pill for Covid-19 Treatment

US Food and Drug Administration has Authorizes emergency use of oral antiviral for treatment of covid-19. This is followed by the growing concerns that the US hospitals might be overwhelmed with the new Omicron virus patients. FDA Authorizes emergency use of Pfizer’s Paxlovid. The Pfizer’s Paxlovid is found be effective for treating mild to moderate symptoms of covid-19 variants like Omicron and Delta variant.

The oral tablet can be taken by adults and pediatric patients who have been tested positive of SARS-CoV-2 and those who are at high risk of facing severe symptoms of the virus including hospitalization or death. The tablet will only be given to the patients who have doctors’ prescription for taking the tablet.  The tablet can be taken as soon as the person tests positive and within five days of symptom onset.

This has been one the major steps taken by the authorities to combat against the virus and stop the virus spread. The authorization provides a new tool for combating COVID-19 at a crucial time in the pandemic with the new variants like Delta and Omicron spreading rapidly across the US and world over.

The antiviral drug makes it accessible to the patients who are at high risk of the virus including death and hospitalization. The tablet is not Authorizes to taking for pre-exposure or post-exposure prevention from the virus. The individuals who do not require hospitalization or do not seem to have severe symptoms will not be allowed to take the antiviral pill.

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