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Employees being pushed by Companies to get vaccinated

Companies are increasing the pressure on employees to be vaccinated—not through mandates but powerful nudges. Many employers have been attempting to get employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine for months. To encourage immunizations, Companies offered cash, time off, and other incentives. In town hall meetings and internal memos, executives made personal appeals.

Some of these attempts are now becoming more bold and urgent. While most businesses haven’t explicitly commanded their employees to get vaccinated, many are requesting vaccination status reports or enacting regulations that limit the actions of unvaccinated employees. Unlike the first wave of corporate efforts, which concentrated on vaccinating front-line workers and critical personnel at supermarkets, hospitals, and airlines, the newest push impacts more professionals at banks, law firms, and other comparable enterprises.

Before reopening workplaces in large numbers, some employers say they want confidence that the bulk of their employees have been vaccinated. Last Thursday, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. GS -1.36 percent instructed its U.S. workers to report whether they had received the vaccine via an internal portal. The Wall Street firm has advised employees that fully vaccinated personnel who have registered their status can work without masks in its offices, even though vaccines are not required.

Others will still be required to wear masks at all times, except while they are at their desks. Other financial institutions, including Morgan Stanley MS -1.44 percent and Wells Fargo WFC -1.16 percent & Co., have voluntarily requested employees to record their vaccination status. At many Companies, whether or not employees are vaccinated could impact when they recover access to corporate offices and campuses. Inc. CRM 2.48 percent, a technology behemoth, asks fully vaccinated employees who have declared their status to return to workplaces in areas like San Francisco and New York in groups of approximately 100 individuals at a time.

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