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Delta Variant Makes its Way to Louisiana Due to Low Vaccination Rate

Experts have been anticipating the impacts of the Delta variety of the coronavirus, which was initially discovered in India and is twice more contagious and has a better ability to escape protective antibodies. Now, a stunning new surge in cases implies that Delta has established itself in Louisiana and that the virus, which had previously been pushed back, is on the rise once more.

Cases had grown by 3,360 in the last week, the most significant increase since March 4, when the winter surge peaked. Over the previous 14 days, the number of cases has more than doubled, owing to the more contagious Delta variant infecting unvaccinated hosts. Dr. Joe Kanter, assistant secretary of health, said, “I do think we’re in it. We are seeing what the beginning of increases is likely.”

Delta is currently the most common strain in the United States, accounting for 52 percent of new infections. It is responsible for up to 59 percent of new cases in Louisiana and nearby states. Louisiana people are at a higher risk of coronavirus infection due to one of the lowest immunization rates in the country. Only Mississippi has a lower percentage of people who have had at least one shot.

Vaccine initiation is now 55 percent nationwide, with states like Vermont, Hawaii, and Massachusetts exceeding 70 percent. Although experts say persons hospitalized by the virus are unlikely to overwhelm Louisiana’s health systems as they have in the past, it is uncertain how long the spike will last.

Figueroa is experiencing a rise in hospitalized patients, particularly among the younger generation. COVID is also on the rise among vaccinated people with compromised immune systems, such as transplant recipients.

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