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Covid Cases in the United States Show Slowing Down

Covid cases are still on the rise in the United States, although the rate of infection is declining, particularly in some of the states hardest hit by the delta version. Though the number of cases has risen to its highest level since January, with an average of 152,000 per day over the last week, the rate of new infections has dropped significantly over the last two weeks, according to data provided by Johns Hopkins University.

According to the data, new cases jumped by 11% in the last week, about a third of the 30-percentage-point spike seen just two weeks before. According to Dr. Bruce Farber, chief of infectious disease at Northwell Health in Manhasset, New York, the virus may now be finding fewer people to infect due to a combination of the increased number of recent cases and the number of Americans who are vaccinated. Throughout the pandemic, there have been a few spikes in cases in the United States.

Average daily cases peaked around 32,000 in April 2020, then declined until resurging to a new high of 67,000 per day in July 2020. Many believed the pandemic had been contained last autumn, when average daily cases decreased to approximately 34,000 just after Labor Day 2020, before a surge of Covid infections pushed a seven-day average of 251,000 cases per day in January. After the holidays, there was a sharp drop-off until the alpha variety from the United Kingdom began to fuel a new rise of cases in the United States, with an average of 71,000 cases per day in April.

Even if the number of cases is approaching a new high, it may take some time for that to show up in local hospitals. Because it takes time for patients to become infected with the virus and die, hospitalizations and deaths tend to lag case counts by a few weeks or more.

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