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Covid-19 Protocols and Travel Guidelines Released for Foreign Travellers

The US will lift travel restrictions for foreign travellers and green card holders from November 2021, but has released several Guidelines that need to be strictly followed.  The US has opened doors for the fully vaccinated travellers coming from 33 countries. But the international air travel system has implemented strict rules for mitigating the disease spread. The international air travel system enforced, enhanced testing procedures, contact tracing, and mask Guidelines.

Additionally to foreign travellers and green card holders need to do follow few things. The fully vaccinated travellers will have to compulsory complete pre-departure testing three days prior the departure and compulsory carry the negative test reports.According to the new policies stated by US and the CDC, the only the adult travellers need to complete full vaccination. Regarding the testing protocols of the unvaccinated children, Guidelines are yet to be released.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Board has stated that the US will accept the fully vaccinated people with any World Health Organization (WHO) emergency use approved vaccine. The vaccines such as AstraZeneca and Sinovac are also approved. The Sputnik V is still under review. The CDC has mandated the airlines to submit all the information of the traveller to the agency before allowing the traveller enter US.

According to some reports, there might be some restrictions imposed on the international travellers crossing borders of Mexico and Canada. Penalties of certain amount will be imposed for not following the mask and other rules.

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