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Covid-19 Positivity Rate Doubled in New York

US has recorded Omicron cases in 38 states to date and the covid-19 cases in New York has Doubled in some days. Following the new strain rapidly spreading across all US states, President Joe Biden has sounded an alarm to the unvaccinated people to take the covid-19 shots. The new strain of covid-19 virus that is Omicron is becoming dominant across the world and is the most feared variant by health experts and world leaders.

Since the cases of Omicron variant are increasing alarmingly the US health officials and other representatives fear that it would again disrupt the country. The first case was found from South Africa to San Francisco. The individual was a traveller but was vaccinated.

Until now 38 US states have recorded cases of Omicron variant. The cases of Omicron are rising alarmingly in New Jersey and New York. According to latest data, the cases of Covid-19 has Doubled in New York in past three days. However, the Delta variant is the main strain affecting people leading to rising number of cases.

According to latest data released by CDC, over 200 Million Americans are fully vaccinated of which 16 million people are vaccinated with J&J shot. The vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna offer full protection against the virus without any risk like blood clots that are found in people vaccinated with J&J single dose vaccine shot.

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