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Covid-19 is on Steroids say the Experts

Over the last week, Covid-19 instances have increased by at least 10% in twenty-four states, as health professionals and the federal government continue to push for more people to get vaccinated. In addition, the fast spread of the coronavirus’s Delta version has further added to the pressure. The variant, which was initially found in India, has been linked to more than half of all new Covid-19 infections in the country, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The variation poses a minimal hazard to you, quite unlikely that fully vaccinated persons will get sick. Andy Slavitt, a former senior adviser to Joe Biden’s Covid Response Team, said, “We should think about the Delta variant as the 2020 version of Covid-19 on steroids. It’s twice as infectious. Fortunately, unlike 2020, we actually have a tool that stops the Delta variant in its tracks: It’s called vaccine.”

According to Slavitt and other experts, the US Food and Drug Administration’s full clearance of vaccinations could inspire more people to get vaccinated. Currently, the vaccines being distributed in the United States are only approved for emergency use. Slavitt said on Tuesday that full approval for the Pfizer vaccine might come this month.

Less than half of the US population is completely vaccinated as of Wednesday. In addition, data released by Johns Hopkins University on Wednesday revealed that more than 4 million individuals have died from Covid-19 worldwide, serving as a sobering reminder of the pandemic’s scope.Three countries account for more than a third of all deaths worldwide. With 606,000 deaths, the United States leads the world, accounting for 15% of the total. Brazil and India are following closely behind. However, the Delta variation isn’t the only one that has health experts concerned.

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