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Covid-19 Cases Surges in the United States

The summer that was intended to symbolise America’s independence from Covid-19 is drawing to a close with the virus’s tyranny tightening its grip on the country, with daily deaths returning to where they were in March. The delta form is overcrowding hospitals, infecting an alarming number of children, and driving coronavirus mortality to record highs in some areas. Because of epidemics, school systems that reopened their classrooms are abruptly reverting back to virtual learning.

Over the mask and vaccine mandates, legal battles, threats, and violence have erupted. The death toll in the United States has surpassed 650,000, with one prominent forecast model predicting that it will surpass 750,000. Lamented Katie Button, executive chef and CEO at two restaurants in Asheville, North Carolina, said, “It felt like we had this forward, positive momentum. The delta variant wiped that timeline completely away.”

This wasn’t intended to happen. President Joe Biden attended a White House reception on July 4th to celebrate the country’s independence from the virus, more than six months into the vaccine campaign, and other political leaders had high hopes for a near-normal summer. Then the bottom came crashing down. According to Dr. Sten Vermund of the Yale School of Public Health, the summer wave was propelled by the extra-contagious delta variant paired with dramatic vaccine resistance that developed along political and geographic lines.

In August, the United States had 26,800 Covid-19 deaths and more than 4.2 million illnesses. The cumulative number of positive cases per month was the fourth highest since the outbreak began. The 2021 delta-driven onslaught is killing far more young Americans than prior pandemic waves in the Northeast last spring, the Sun Belt in the summer of 2020, and the lethal winter surge around the holidays.

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