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Coronavirus Infections Hit the Lowest Point since Beginning

The United States has reduced new Coronavirus Infections to their lowest level since the epidemic began in March 2020. Axios has been tracking the change — and, more often than not, the increase — in new Coronavirus Infections nearly every week for the past 56 weeks. This will be our final weekly map because the case count is low, and the virus is so effectively confined.

Over the preceding week, the United States recorded 16,500 new cases each day, a 30% increase over the previous week. New cases declined in 43 states and held steady in the other seven. The official case count hasn’t been this low since March of last year when the pandemic was still fresh, no one knew how long it would linger, and insufficient testing meant cases were undercounted. Coronavirus Infections has been detected in approximately 33 million Americans or around 10% of the population.

In the United States, around 595,000 individuals have died due to the virus, making it deadlier for Americans than the previous 80 years of wars and other armed combat conflicts, including World War II. Until the vaccines arrived, the US mainly failed to contain the infection. Last March, cities, and companies began to close. The virus then exploded into a second wave the previous summer, with cases reaching over 65,000 per day on average and hospitals across the country declaring themselves overwhelmed.

This failure was subsequently overshadowed in the winter when the virus infected hundreds of thousands of people per day. The mortality increased to almost 3,000 per day for approximately a month. But, thanks almost solely to immunizations, the virus is now under control across the country and in every state. According to the CDC, just over half of American individuals are now fully vaccinated.

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