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Children Covid Hospitalizations are Increasing as Doctors Brace for More

Children are being sent to hospitals in unprecedented numbers across the United States. Experts warn that the situation might worsen as schools reopen and the fast-moving coronavirus delta variant drives up the number of cases. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, new Covid hospital admissions for Children have reached their highest levels since the United States began tracking paediatric cases about a year ago, peaking at an average of 303 new admissions per day over the week ended Aug. 22.

As the majority of pupils aren’t old enough to receive the vaccines, doctors and epidemiologists are concerned that the increase in Covid hospitalizations may worsen unless more are inoculated. Dr. Nusheen Ameenuddin, a community pediatrician at the Mayo Clinic, said, “It is scary to see the number and severity of Covid-19 cases rising in children with the delta variant and so many kids still left unprotected. The pandemic never stopped, and unfortunately, it only takes one lit match to reignite the inferno.”

Doctors point out that Children still make up a modest percentage of hospitalizations, accounting for just 1.8 percent of all Covid hospitalizations in the United States. The virus does not affect youngsters as severely as it does adults. They are less prone to become infected with Covid than other age groups, and their symptoms are often milder. Fewer than 500 under the age of 18 were among the more than 520,000 Covid deaths for which the CDC has demographic data.

Even so, certain with Covid may require hospitalisation. According to the CDC, 4,404 have had MIS-C, an uncommon but serious inflammatory illness induced by Covid, of which 37 have died. According to Wolfson Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, 15 Children were hospitalised with Covid on Monday, including six in the ICU.

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