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Chicago Teachers Union Vaccination Event Moves towards a COVID Recovery

The Chicago Teachers Union and CTUF are hosting a community vaccination event on Thursday, June 10 at the CTUC, 1901 W. Carroll. As part of a mobilisation by teachers, paraprofessionals, clinicians, and other school staff to maximise safety for Chicago Public Schools families and students. From 3 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, parents, eligible students, and any Chicago resident can make an appointment or walk in to obtain a dosage of COVID-19 vaccination.

Rank-and-file personnel this week, Chicago Teachers Union volunteers teamed up with community organisations to canvas local neighbourhoods and school communities with information about Thursday’s event, focusing on families and high-risk populations on the West Side, where the Union is based. Vaccines will be offered to anybody aged 12 and older, however minors under the age of 18 will require approval from a guardian in person.

As part of its reopening agreement with CPS, the Chicago Teachers Union was the first union in the country to secure vaccinations for kids and family members, inspiring other unions across the country to demand vaccinations for their school communities. Hundreds of thousands of eligible students and families remain unvaccinated, resulting in a safer reopening of CPS school facilities this spring.

Vaccinating adolescents and vulnerable family members is an important part of ensuring that pupils return to school safely in the autumn. The Union has partnered with CPS on immunisation events in schools across the South and West sides, in communities that have been severely touched by COVID, as part of the reopening agreement.

COVID has reappeared hundreds of times in public schools in recent months, despite robust safety guardrails agreed in the Union’s reopening agreements with the district. CPS has been averaging roughly 100 new COVID cases each week since Spring Break, with kids now outnumbering adults, putting getting vaccinations into the hands of young people as important as ever.

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