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CDC Study Reveals That Vaccinated Americans Immune to Worst of Virus

The skyrocketing cases of covid-19 could be unsettling even for the Vaccinated people and those who have taken booster shots. However, according to a latest research study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the people are immune to worst of virus. The study was undertaken on nearly 1.2 million people who were fully Vaccinated.

The data showed that only one 1.5 people in 10,000 participants had the risk of severe outcomes or death. Severe outcomes were categorized as hospitalization due to acute respiratory failure or need of ICU or ventilator. The Vaccinated who were infected again by covid-19 had all the risk factors and were above 65 age.

As a result, the study shows that healthy, Vaccinated people under 65 are extremely immune to worst of covid-19. This study was conducted before the infections began rising due to the new Omicron variant and before the booster shots administration. Although, Omicron is spreading rapidly across the world, it has also been stated by the health experts that Omicron infecting rate is faster or is more contagious but is less harmful as it attacks the respiratory tract but not the lings preventing hospitalizations and need of ventilators.

US President stressed on getting Vaccinated. He said that in last six months US has reduced the number of adults who have not taken even a single shot of the vaccine. He said, this is alarming as people are exposed to COVID harshest impacts.

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