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Booster Shots are a Possibility with the Raging Delta Variant

As data from US and foreign studies comes in and the Delta version spreads swiftly among the unvaccinated, officials in the United States are moving toward suggesting COVID-19 Booster shots for persons who have already been vaccinated. The Delta form of the coronavirus, which is more than two times as infectious as the original COVID-19 virus and has now been found in 117 countries, is causing a global outbreak.

In the United States, new outbreaks have been discovered in Tennessee, Illinois, and Missouri, with frightening numbers in Florida, Texas, and Arkansas. Emergency response teams from the federal government have been dispatched to Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arizona. According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 90% of US counties are seeing “substantial or significant transmission” of the virus.

On August 11, the CDC reported 132,384 new COVID-19 cases, with a seven-day average of 113,000 cases per day, up 24% from the previous seven-day average. The number of people admitted to hospitals each day is at 9,700, up 31% from a week ago. According to the CDC, the majority of people who require hospital care — 97 percent – have not been vaccinated.Fauci said, “We are dealing with a global outbreak of the Delta variant.” The Food and Drug Administration, which oversees vaccine safety in the United States, is collaborating with vaccine manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna to approve Booster shots for people with weakened immune systems. According to new research, certain immunocompromised persons, such as organ transplant recipients and cancer patients, may not have had an effective immune response to just two doses of the COVID vaccination.

The World Health Organization has recommended for a halt on Booster shots until a larger percentage of the world’s population has been vaccinated. Jeffrey Zients, the White House Covid-19 Response Coordinator said, “If and when there’s a decision, we are prepared, we have the supply and people will be able to get a Booster in a fast and efficient way, if and when that science dictates.”

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