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Biden Says Omricon Variant is not Cause for Panic

President Biden said on Monday that the new omicron strain of the coronavirus is a cause for alarm, not panic and that his administration’s plan to combat COVID-19 this winter will not include shutdowns or lockdowns but rather a strategy to increase vaccine coverage. On Monday, the president spoke from the White House, only days after the World Health Organization classified omicron as a COVID-19 variant of concern, the organization’s most challenging diagnosis.

Last week, Biden imposed travel restrictions on South Africa and seven other nations due to fears about the substantially mutated omicron version of COVID-19, a move he claimed would buy the US time. “It buys us time,” Biden said, adding that the American people must understand that they must get their vaccine, receive their shot, and receive their booster. On the other hand, the president emphasized that the omicron variation is a matter of concern, not panic.

Biden stated that the United States now has more weapons to combat the omicron variety than it had previously, noting adult immunizations and boosters, as well as vaccines for children. The president emphasized the significance of getting vaccinated, claiming that vaccinations are the best protection against this new variety and any others that may exist.

Concerns that the new omicron form may be resistant to current vaccines have prompted the president to state that the administration strives to develop updated vaccines as quickly as possible. If updated vaccines or boosters are required to respond to this new variation, we will use every instrument at our disposal to speed up their development and implementation.

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