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Biden Administration to Distribute Covid Booster Shot from September 

Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General, said that the Biden administration recommends Covid Booster Shots for vaccinated Americans beginning on Sept. 20 to stay ahead of the virus. Murthy also added that their heads together, the top public health and medical officials in the Department of Health and Human Services, and came to the judgment that starting Covid Booster Shots at that eight-month mark would be the careful thing.

This way, we can stay ahead of this virus and make sure people have and continue to have the protection from the vaccines that they’ve had over the last few months. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine advisory committee and the Food and Drug Administration still need to officially sign off on the plan before states can start administering third doses.

Murthy said that the administration’s strategy on Covid Booster Shots was also about transparency. Murthy said that they are making plans now, number one because we must plan, but two, they wanted the public to know what we saw the data in our effort to be transparent and open with the public. The U.S. health officials are basing their decision-making on new data that shows vaccine protection weakens over time. The vaccines were 92% effective against Covid infection before the delta variant started spreading in the U.S, but the data shows protection has dropped to 64%.

U.S. health officials recommending booster shots for all Americans who have already been vaccinated, Dr Soumya Swaminathan expressed concern that leaving billions of people in the developing world unvaccinated could foster the emergence of new variants, like the delta variant, that is driving new cases in the United States and beyond.

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