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Amid Fears of Covid-19 Fifth Wave US Officials Give Push to Booster Shots for Adults

Amidst fears of fifth wave of covid-19 the US officials are pushing for offering Booster shots of covid. At the same time the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials are raising concerns of making Booster shots available for everyone. Thus tensions among the internal deliberations are rising and regarding the distribution of shots. In the same context citing the pervasive spread of the virus, the governor of Colorado has also touted that high risk of covid-19 makes all the adults eligible for covid-19 Booster shots.

The governor said that the adults are highly exposed to the virus making them eligible for Booster doses. The governor said that the adults that have at least six months past from earlier doses can take the Booster shots. Mr. Polis the democrat signed an executive order declaring that entire state is at risk of exposure to covid-19 virus.

Meanwhile Pfizer has revealed that its Paxlovid medicine has showed positive results. It has revealed that Paxlovid can reduce hospitalization and death upto 89%. As a result, due to the positive data, the company has sought emergency authorization from FDA for Paxlovid to bring it in the US and other markets across the world.

According to recent reports, the vaccines available in United States have shown positive results reducing hospitalization and death at a greater level. The vaccines are found to be effective even during summer and surge of the globally spread deadly delta variant.

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